DMK Enzyme Therapy is an advanced oxygenation and cell revision therapy, designed to mimic the skins own natural cell function. It is designed to flush out any toxins in the skin and revise problematic skins back to their optimal skin health. Not only will enzyme therapy give you an instant plumping - but most importantly it will detoxify your skin, revising your own lymphatic and circulatory systems to kickstart your skin cells optimal functioning for long term results

These treatments are for those who understand the importance of a synergetic relationship between the skin therapist and the client for the most incredible long term, sustainable results. All advanced treatments require an appropriate prescription home care and a thorough consultation before commencing treatment. 


Enzyme Therapy Level 1 - $175.00

Enzyme Therapy Level 2 - $195.00

Enzyme Therapy Level 3 - $235.00

Enzyme Therapy Level 4 - $310.00 

Pro lift - $350.00

Instant Lift – muscle banding - $290.00